Blended Family Chaos

by Tamara Flaherty

Why won’t God just do things My way?


I’m pretty upset at God right now.
He’s no doubt a little miffed at me as well.
I’m not sure though because we haven’t spoken for a while.

I’m an intelligent, headstrong, willful, opinionated woman who thinks that I’m right most of the time.

He’s……..well He’s God. The all-knowing, all powerful creator of the universe and everything in it, including me.

Do you see the problem here?


If He would just listen to me and do what I tell him to do we wouldn’t be having all these problems in our relationship.

I mean obviously I know what’s best for my life and I have a plan all laid out for how things are supposed to be working.

He just can’t seem to get on board with my plan, and instead of using His amazing power to make everything line up the way I want it to, He keeps trying to change my plan to fit into His preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to work in my life.

He seems to think that His way is better and he keeps ruining my plans and trying to get me to do it His way.

It’s really frustrating!!


My ideas are awesome!
Okay granted, so far things have not worked out exactly right.

Sure, I’ve messed up quite a few major situations (OK every situation) that I’ve been in charge of but eventually, if He would just get on board, I’ll have it all running smooth as silk.

I don’t know why He can’t see that!

It’s kind of ridiculous, in my opinion that we keep going round and round with this same issue. My way or His way.

You would think that eventually He would get it.



4 comments on “Why won’t God just do things My way?

  1. LF6
    March 23, 2014

    Thanks for the follow. He knows we can shoot our eye out and strangle ourselves with our own ideas. Thankfully he monitors them… 🙂


  2. MicheleMariePoetry
    March 23, 2014

    I love satire! I think when it is done right, like you did with grace and humor, the result is priceless- and says so much more than when you just say it straight 🙂
    oh, and thanks for visiting my page!


  3. MicheleMariePoetry
    March 22, 2014

    I don’t ‘like’ this post, I ‘LOVE’ this post- and the bible verses!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blended Family Chaos
      March 22, 2014

      Thank you!! I’ve never tried my hand at satire before and I wondered how it would be received. Plus I love comments! I’m a new blogger so thank you for the encouragement. I just visited your page and your poetry is beautiful and your writing style is so engaging.


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