Blended Family Chaos

by Tamara Flaherty

What Happened to the Truth??i


Today is one of those days where my emotions and thoughts are a scrambled mess.
Concepts like trust, and truth are flitting in and out of my mind, leaving a vague sense of dissatisfaction and despair in their wake.

What or whom can I trust?

Where has truth disappeared to in this world, in my life?

How can I tell who is telling the truth?

What happens if my future, and my happiness rests in the hands of those who are dishonest and untrustworthy?

I have no doubt that I am being lied to.

All I have to do is turn on the news to realize that dishonesty is both pervasive and very profitable in our society.

I am being shamelessly lied to by my government.

Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS, the politicians, even the president himself! The list is endless!!

I’ve been lied to in my personal life as well.
It’s an incredulous feeling to stand in front of someone and watch them lie to me knowing the whole time that what they are saying, so sincerely and so believably, is nothing but lies.

Sometimes liars are easy to spot.

Sometimes they are so freaking good at it that I begin to doubt what I know is the truth!

Sometimes I choose to believe the lies.

I want, so desperately to believe that my world is as solid and true as I need it to be more than I want to face the fact that things are really what they are. So I believe what I need to believe.

I suppose that makes me an accomplice.

Where do I begin the search for the truth?

Does anyone even care about what is true anymore, or has truth itself become a fugitive?

How do you find hope in a world that has rejected and vilified the truth, while celebrating and worshipping the lies?

I believe that I am an honest person overall, however I have told some lies in my life.
I don’t know many (any) people who haven’t, but I have always been real, and actually too open and honest about who I am, what I’ve done, and what I believe.

Facing the truth about myself is sometimes hard to handle, but I do my best to own my mistakes and my failures.
I try, in an ongoing way, to become a better person every day.
I try to learn from my mistakes, apologize to those I have hurt by my actions, and keep moving forward.

I understand why people lie. I understand that they may be unable or unwilling to face their own failures or mistakes and so they hide beneath their lies.
I understand it but cannot accept it.

I can’t accept my government lying to me! The lies that are coming out are to protect criminals from prosecution, to continue to line the pockets of politicians at my expense, to advance agendas and industry at the expense of the personal freedoms guaranteed to me by the constitution.

Where do we draw the line as a nation and as individuals when it comes to the truth and how it affects our lives?

When is enough, really enough?

How do I reconcile my need for truth, with the pervasive lies swirling around me?

The Bible has a lot to say about the truth!
My favorite verse is John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

I want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Truth that is free of distortion or manipulation. Free of bias or personal agendas.

I CAN handle the truth!!

I want to be FREE!!!

One comment on “What Happened to the Truth??i

  1. parkhurst6
    March 19, 2014

    This is actually a hard social unacceptable subject when openly asked in the eyes of many people in the public. I believe in what your saying and to some degree agree that there are some that at any rate will lie to get ahead in life and many people have their own agendas. Some even believing their own lies. Its distasteful and completely selfish. I to have lied.For personal gain, or whatever seemed to fit me at that time. I believe in learning from that which you can not change and grow all the wiser, but I also think that there are some that no matter the consequences even once presented to them makes no difference, they still choose to lie. I can forgive those that truly mean their are sorry. Its the habitual ones, that i cant look past. I enjoyed this post. Makes you take a closer look at the people your surrounded by, so as long as, you dont become to paranoid and suspicious. Much love.
    Love & Peace. May you be well.


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