Blended Family Chaos

by Tamara Flaherty

Could Your Child be the Next Rachel Canning?

$654 dollars a week. This is the amount demanded by Rachel Canning, the 18 year old adult from New Jersey, who is suing her parents, in an attempt to force them to continue to support her into adulthood.

She is demanding they pay her the equivalent of around 16 dollars an hour, based on a 40 hour work week, except apparently part of the reason she moved out is that she refused to do the simple household chores that were asked of her. Chores such as picking up after herself, running the vacuum, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning her room, you get the idea.

Seriously, even the McDonald’s employees that are demanding $15.00 per hour are at least willing to work for that wage!

In addition to the 16.35 an hour she is demanding, she is also demanding that they pay her way through a college that reportedly costs about $55,000 a year in addition to the $5,000 for the rest of her senior year at her private school. I’m pretty sure she also wants the car back that her parents were also paying for along with the insurance, gas , and upkeep.

All of these benefits combined equal about 43 dollars an hour, again based on a 40 hr work week.

I know families where both parents are working full-time and supporting children on less than that and this disgusting woman feels that she has a “right” to this!?!?

This is what happens when you raise children to believe they are such a special little snowflake just because they exist. I think that’s a great message when they are under 2 or 3 but after that, treating them as if the very air they breath, and dirt they walk on is holy just because they exist is how these monsters are created.

As I watched her perform her manipulative little act for the cameras in court, I saw right through her.

The sullen, rebellious pout of a petulant child who someone had the sheer audacity to say “NO” to.

Maybe parents should practice that word more often as children are growing up so they will get used to the reality that they won’t always get what they want, even if they want it “really, really bad.”

The anger in her eyes at having what she felt she was entitled to, snatched from her greedy little grasp.

Maybe children should learn to work for what they want instead of having everything handed to them without effort on their part.

The spinning of her vicious, entitled little brain, trying to figure out how to manipulate the judge, like she manipulated her friends parents into giving her what she wants.

Maybe adults should have the discernment and wisdom to see through the deception, manipulation, and outright lies of this entitled generation.

We should be frightened beyond belief at this generation of vipers that we have raised. A daughter who would publicly strike at her own mother and father in the most vicious way possible. Not because they beat her, abused her, withheld love, affection, and support.
Because she would NOT submit to rules that included general respect, personal responsibility, and avoiding illegal behaviors. They did what parents are supposed to do. Prohibit underage drinking, discourage her from dating a man who may be up to no good, and to be personally responsible for her chores and her attitude, That is their “crime” that they are now going to potentially have to pay for.

Teenagers moving out to avoid following their parents rules is a practice as old as time.

Can you even imagine the fallout if this little biotch wins?

Can you?
God help us!!

2 comments on “Could Your Child be the Next Rachel Canning?

  1. greatfulmummy
    March 5, 2014

    I find this really sad :(. Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blended Family Chaos
      March 5, 2014

      It is very sad and when she loses as I hope she does, what then? How do they all move forward? I think the “family friend” is a particularly soulless type of predator. Thank you for the comment. I just started writing and appreciate the feedback!


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