Faith, Family, & Freedom

by Tamara Flaherty

Oil & Water


Nothing’s new, nothing’s changed
I try so hard yet it all remains the same

A new day dawns, or so it seems
Yet the night stars shine on the same old scene

Pain, loneliness, battle lines
Heartbreak, anger, deep inside

Two separate worlds, too close confined
That cannot blend, cannot combine

Like oil and water in a jar,
So close and yet so very far

A house divided, but standing still,
The collapse will come no matter what we will

The smallest breeze and the cards come down
The king and queen with separate crowns

We stumble through the scattered debris
He with his
Mine with me
Never will we a family be.

Disclaimer: I often write when things are difficult, unsettling, or in chaos and although things seem hopeless during times like that, I know that they are not and keep fighting for the happy ending that I know is there. I still feel there is value in the hard times and so I post what I go through during those times as well as the happy times once I get past them.


3 comments on “Oil & Water

  1. Miss Lou
    March 25, 2014

    Beautifully written Tamara. I very much relate to what you have shared here.

    Most poignant, memories of my own relationship with the father of my children. No matter how much I tried, we tried, we just found it practically impossible to make things work. One would want it more than the other at any given time and ugh, what a mess, OR we would feel like we would get on track then something else came up that threw it all out of whack.

    Hard times.

    Eventually, after 6 years of trying and mostly being very unhappy we decided to go separate ways. On reflection it was the best decision made and thankfully so – since the decision has already been made and that ship has sailed!

    Now, like you, I KNOW it wont feel bad forever but when it does feel bad, geez, it is horrible.

    Thanks for sharing something so personal 🙂



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